Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trip #1 - Point Lobos

First trip idea, of course, my favorite spot: Point Lobos.

Entrance Fee - A charge is made for each vehicle. Passenger cars: $8.00 I recommend driving in for those that have trouble walking longer distances or if you want to do a picnic and need to track in lots of stuff. The best pinic grounds are at the very end of where you can drive in. Almost by China Cove, see map below.

Walking in is Free!!! Park outside the park, by the roadside of highway 1.

My recommended trail for a first day with bigger kids is the following: use the South Plateau Trail to get to the Southern most point of the park and then work your way up along the shore. Park outside the park, enter the park on foot and you will find the trail head to the left after the entrance station and the bathrooms.

South Plateau Trail - Between entrance station and Bird Island Trail. Through a pine and live oak woodland. 7/10 mile. 

A really good trail with little kids is the CARMELO MEADOW TRAIL that leads to the Pit. For the trail map see the website.

From entrance station to Granite Point Trail juncture, through pine woods. 2/10 mile (10 minutes). Take the first trail immediately after the entrance to the right. It is flat, not paved but even strollers can follow it, as it was designed for wheelchair access. At the end of the trail there is a great beach where you can let the kids throw rocks into the water, climb, run, search through little caves for hours. Best is, hardly any people there normally.

A schedule of guided walks for the month is posted at the entrance station. The museums are open as staffing permits, generally from 11 A.M. until 3:00 P.M. My kids really enjoyed the Whaler's Cabin, lots of old artifacts and photos!

Official website:

Tip: There is no vending inside the park so remember to bring your own snak / lunch! We normally make a stop at the Safeway in Carmel to pick up food, it is off of Highway 1, 2 minutes from the park entrance.

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