Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trip #2 - Marine headlands and the Golden Gate bridge

This is one of my favorite trips, good for adults and kids and all fitness levels. Beautiful views and as much or as little walking as you want.

First stop: Golden Gate bridge on the SF side. I normally park in a not so advertised, totally free parking lot. Take the last SF exit from highway 1, but where they try to send you to the paying parking lot, instead of turning left, turn right. Then make a left onto Lincoln and then another quick left into the parking lot, as on the picture below.

After parking, you can walk out to the bridge and go as far as you dare.

Tip: There are restrooms at the foot of the bridge by the paying parking lot.

Second stop: Golden gate bridge on the Sausalito side. This you can leave out, it takes a long time to stop again but worth it if your kids allow you to do it.

The parking lot here is free, there are bathrooms available, too.

Third stop:  Head out to the Point Bonita lighthouse. Finding the road to the lighthouse is a little tricky for the first time: you have to drive to Alexander Ave, turn left to go under 101, almost as if you were heading back to SF, then make the turn to Conzelman Road. See map below.

Take as many stops during the drive as you can, each stop offers a different view and the drive back will be on a different road! Some kids sleep by this time in the car, which might allow you to stop and enjoy the views, as you will be around the car anyway.

Towards the end of the road, there are picnic places with great views. If you plan on a picnic, this is a great place.

Fourth stop: Point Bonita Lighthouse. Great place for everyone! Short, paved walk to the Lighthouse. Read more about it here:

Important: the lighthouse is only open the following days and times!!!
other times you can only walk half way out, which is still a nice walk
Saturday, Sunday and Monday
12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Fifth stop: Marine Headlands Tourist Center. Please see the map below. At the visitor center they have a small museum that the kids really like. From here you can either walk to the beach or continue by car to the beach by driving around the Rodeo Lagoon. It is a nice walk to the beach, not too long either but sandy, which can be a problem for some.

Sixth stop: Either you can spend some time in Sausalito (which we rarely can as by that time everyone is too tired) or just drive home!!!

To head back, take Bunker road, it has a great tunnel at the end, kids love that!

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